Knee Solutions

ACL Reconstruction

The ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) is the most important ligament in the knee for competitive and recreational athletes. Cutting and contact sports are common activities that can damage the ACL, resulting in a loss of stability in the knee.

Arthroscopic ACL reconstruction has become the standard of care for ACL injuries. ACL reconstruction is a procedure which used to require a large incision and several days in the hospital. It is now routinely performed through small incisions and patients frequently go home the day of surgery.

In addition, the tissue used to reconstruct the ACL has evolved from taking part of your knee cap and patellar tendon to procedures which cause less pain and damage by harvesting hamstring tendons from the back of your knee.

Dr. Schultz has extensive experience in ACL reconstructions and has written and published extensively on the subject. He continues to strive to find ways to improve the procedure and return athletes to their prior activity level quickly and with as little pain as possible.